Graft is a new artwork by John Radford. It is inspired by mass suburban demolitions, removals and re-locations caused by urban redevelopment. Graft both celebrates and mourns the material and social history that is lost by these processes.

Graft is at one and the same time a sculpture, an installation, a performance piece and a virtual artwork. With 256 miniature houses and a community of owner-neighbors, Graft encompasses the urban planning, development, construction, sales presentations, open houses, and financial and legal documentation that goes into buying a home. Of the 256 houses that will make up Graft, 247 have been sold so far to various owners who have bought one at a specific address in the installation. Each owner is issued with a purchase agreement and a title deed guaranteeing ownership of their house and section. Owners may resell their houses and sections on the understanding that the artist receives a percentage of the sale price.

Graft began in 2009 when the first house was sold but the project has no conceivable end; there can only ever be 256 houses in the project and these will be bought and sold infinitum. Once Graft has been exhibited for the last time the houses will disperse to their various owners around the world. The installation can only ever reappear when all the houses are reconvened again at some future time and place. After the final installation Graft will live on within the minds of those who have indirectly encountered the work, attended the installations and events and participated as owners and stakeholders.

For potential and future Graft residents this site contains a virtual flyover of the Graft suburb, a street map with sold and still available sections and videos of the various houses styles available for purchase. These can be purchased directly online or by contacting the artist for a personal transaction.

* (as of 03/04/2024)