Upper curve far left on Ailehti Road
President of N Z I A Christina van Bohemen and Aaron Sills.
Architects both of them
of Freeman's Bay
Upper curve 8th from left on Ailehti Road
Duke Andrew McMillan
composey music sax and non idiomatic free impro meister. For services to the installation

Upper curve 7th from left on Ailehti Road
Under settlement to Wabbina Wabbatron

Upper curve 6th from left on Ailehti Road
Myles Thomas
the MEDIA (possibly intergalactic)

Upper curve 5th from left on Ailehti Road
Jonathan Goldsworthy
Maker of houses...(big ones).
In Perth of Wanganui
Upper curve 4th from left on Ailehti Road
Matt Gibbons

Auckwardlandlord of the dance
Upper curve 3rd from left on Ailehti Road
Mike Ramsay

Upper curve 2nd from left on Ailehti Road
Salon du Diana Bain
Rue D'Owens Road
The Graft® Infinite Land Reserve House No.4
Wendy and Graye Shattky of Alexandra

The Graft® Infinite Land Reserve House No.2
Leonie Hynds
La Femme d'Affaires. La Maison
d' Herne Bay
The Graft® Infinite Land Reserve House No.1
Milsey and Sue's place - Sue and Milsey's place

The Graft® Infinite Land Reserve House No. 3
Ron Seeto architect and Sharon Seeto un-architect

only house on unnamed lane off Apocri Road
Catherine Cocker
of Dunedin
on the flats 4
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 9
Under settlement to Christy Tennent

No Address 8
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 7
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 6
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 5
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 4
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 3
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 2
Winners of the "ALL TIME FLIGHT DECK VIEWS CHAMPIONS OF THE WEEK FOR FEBRUARY 2019" award, Peter and Rachel Hall

No Address 17
Coni Text,
Queen of the ether, "Debt does not exist in the ether because we live in the black". Long term tenant ... Kelly Malone
(previous owner and resident of 602 Apocri Road.)
No Address 16
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 15
Sue Ferrar

No Address 14
Under settlement to Jo Bridgford

No Address 13
Tim Boyd of The Warren

No Address 12
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 11
Bek, Jack, Mr Frost and Honey.
watch your earplugs
No Address 10
For Sale
enquire about this house
No Address 1
Mikatui (H.F.D.!) O'Brien-Ramp
Vice President of The New Zealand Grafchitects Institute
Auckland Central
Lower curve far left on Ailehti Road
Kevin Young

Lower curve 9th from left on Ailehti Road
Nick Edwards and Angela Travers
Carpenter and Bookseller of Auckland
of Auckland
Lower curve 8th from left on Ailehti Road
Lyn Dallison
Auckland City
Lower curve 7th from left on Ailehti Road
Margaret Rogers
of Auckland
Lower curve 6th from left on Ailehti Road
The Coop Family

Lower curve 5th from left on Ailehti Road
Aaron Conder O'Brien
Small House Owner
Currently of Highbury
Lower curve 4th from left on Ailehti Road
kplegal Limited of Auckland

Lower curve 3rd from left on Ailehti Road
Mark Foster of Auckland
Wired with modern front room electric incandescent lighting

Lower curve 2nd from left on Ailehti Road
Rachel Grimwood and Peter Watts.
Both Clinical Psychologists.

Lower curve 12th from left on Ailehti Road
Heidi Bubendorfer via Alastair Burns

Lower curve 11th from left on Ailehti Road
Sarah Atkinson

of Auckland
Lower curve 10th from left on Ailehti Road
Dora Green

Behind 8 Quamo
Dame and esteemed Mother
Alice Rose Taylor
Professional of Auckland
Above upper curve on Ailehti Road
Duke Andy Smith
Noble Walker and Dancer of Morrisisms
of Auckland
9 Quamo Avenue
Simon Jacques Philipvan Praag
Free Agent
of Wellington
9 Pertro Street
Terianne Brown
Automotive Customer Relations Manager
of Auckland
8 Quamo Ave
Chandra Marks
of Auckland
8 Pertro Street
Arthur Meek Playwright About Town

both of Auckland
8 Perpig Street
Wendy Francis-Ching
of Auckland
8 Ithelia Road
Tashi Ching
Marketing and Product Manager
of Auckland
8 Dorsu Street
Eve de Castro-Robinson
Composer and/or Sound botherer
of Auckland
8 Autogen Avenue
Duke Andy Smith
Walking Advocate
of Freemans Bay
8 Alur Avenue
Arannie Donald
Heritage Planner
7 Quamo Avenue
Sam van Praag
Travelleur and Entrepeneur
of the World
7 Pertro Street
Chris Brown
Marketing Manager
of Auckland
7 Perpig Street
Jonothan William Rudduck
Pizza Chef/Celebrant/Homemaker
of Auckland
7 Autogen Avenue
Colin Woods
Sonic Practitioner
of Auckland
620 Apocri Road
Milan and Shirley Kostanich
Consultant and Keen Golfer
both of Auckland
618 Apocri Road
Geoff Pinfield Theatre Director and Claire Lissaman Ex Dancer
both of Wellington

616 Apocri Road
Alison Louise Roberts
Marketing Chick
of Auckland
614 Apocri Road
Steve Kane
of Auckland
612 Apocri Road
Suzy Dunser

of Auckland
610 Apocri Road
Eli Mulvay
of Auckland
608 Apocri Road
ART 101. Patricia, Helen, Trudy, Jane, Mary Rose, Judy, Barb and Penny.
Esteemed collectors of the finest art
North Shore Auckand
607 Apocri Road
Mr Gene Jouavel
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire AKA Mr Marvellous (Genowamean?)
of Auckland
606 Apocri Road
Adrian J. Price
Video Producer
605 Apocri Road
Simon van Praag
of Auckland
604 Apocri Road
Rena Pearson
of Auckland
603 Apocri Road
Karina Falconer, John Fowler, Jane Kostanich and Matthew Kostanich
good relatives of upper Aotearoa

602 Apocri Road
Angus Muir Human-Moth of Auckland
Formerly owned by Kelly Malone Literary Semantics Devisor of the Ether

601 Apocri Road
Simon Raby
of Auckland
600 Apocri Road
Sarah and Mike O'Sullivan
Esteemed District Nurse and Steamed Mining Engineer
both of Auckland
6 Quamo Ave
Jaqui Tutt
Colour Consultant
of Aro Valley, Wellington
6 Pertro Street
Julia Harvie and Rick Harvie
Choreographer and Film & TV Producer
of Christchurch
6 Perpig Street
Eli Mulvay
Painter and Artist
of Auckland
6 Ithelia Road
Archduke Andrew McMillan
Composer and Music Producer
of Auckland
6 Dorsu Street
Tony Stevenson
Boat Builder
6 Chondro Crescent
Joanne Valentine N.o. 7 (retired) Of M D A

6 Autogen Avenue
Tahi Mapp Borren, Chris O'Connor and Fern O'Connor
Actor and Mother, Musician and Father , Daughter and Son
all of Auckland
6 Alur Avenue
Kiran Ranchhod
IT Analyst
598 Apocri Road
Kim Shaw
Artist and Rodney Stokes Structural Engineer
both of Arch Hill
597 Apocri Road
Heather Sutcliffe
Educative Professional
596 Apocri Road
Gustavo Restivo
of Italy
595 Apocri Road
Sally Barnett
of Auckland
593 Apocri Road
George and Iona
Respectable Party Boys
of Melbourne
591 Apocri Road
Jeremy Nathan
book collector
of Auckland
589 Apocri Road
Emma Moyle and Sam Moore
Personal Assistant in Real Estate and Hospitality Entrepreneur
both of Auckland
572 Apocri Road
Jessica Charlton and Phil Thomas
Cinematographer &Precrastinator
570a Apocri Road.

Hotel Futurists.

570 Apocri Road
Gary Stewart
of Wellington
568A Apocri Road
Brian Kassler
of Auckland
568 Apocri Road
Campbell Farquhar
567 Apocri Road
Mike Morris

566 Apocri Road
Michael Keating
of Auckland
565 Apocri Road
Daniel Marshall, and Seamus Marshall
Community Activists
of Arch Hill
564 Apocri Road
Liz Hardwick Smith
Wonderful Woman
for ever more
561 Apocri Road
Charlotte Winn
Speed Scrabblist
of Auckland
5 Quamo Avenue
Alannah Ashton-Schwab
Soon To Be Psychologist
of Auckland
5 Perpig Street
Dee Murch
absentee landlord
of Mischief
5 Dorsu Street
Alexander George Boswell Kahl& Georgina Cox
Winemaker & Graphic Designer
Waiheke island
5 Chondro Crescent
Sir Terry Bleakley
Helping connect the unconnected
of Singapore
5 Autogen Avenue
Donna Turtle Sarten and Bernard (Bernie) Charles Harfleet
both Artists
of Auckland
49A Ithelia Road
Elena and Gideon Keith

49 Ithelia Road
I and R

48 Ithelia Road
Kristal, David and Baxter Apartment Store - Haberdashery Department

48 Cosmesi Road
Daniel and Jillian Friedlander
Property Manager and Artist
both of Auckland
47 Ithelia Road
John Cibilich
founder Lifestyle Brands

47 Cosmesi Road
Under settlement to Tim Kennedy
Artiste du Jardin Extraordinaire

46 Ithelia Road
Sir Murray Rich

46 Cosmesi Road
For Sale
enquire about this house
45A Ithelia Road
Mike Dowsett
Architect of Auckland

45 Ithelia Road
Gina White

of Auckland
45 Cosmesi Road
Geoff and Marissa King

of Auckland
44 Ithelia Road (Graft House of The Year 2015)
Alice Bell
Designer of Dominion Road

44 Cosmesi Road
Nigel Roberts
Artist and Bar Manager
43 Ithelia Road
Hayley White

of Auckland/London
43 Cosmesi Road
Bruce Hopkins. Actor of international standing and walker of walkage

42 Ithelia Road
Wayne and Jane Hudson

of Wanaka
42 Cosmesi Road
The Quartermain Family of Auckland
for Highly Integral Accountancy Services rendered

41 Ithelia Road
Taylor White

of Auckland
41 Cosmesi Road
For Sale
enquire about this house
40 Ithelia Road
Brendan and Kathryn Adams
40 Cosmesi Road
Andre Koolen and Lara Thomas

4 Quamo Ave
Eva Cadario

of Auckland
4 Pertro Street
Graham Oliver
Decent Bloke
of Auckland
4 Perpig Street
Briar and Dan
Stylizer and Tattooist
of Auckland
4 Ithelia Road
Tineke Vlooswyk
Cosmetics Expert
of Auckland
4 Chondro Crescent
Marco Creemers
Santa's Helper
4 below Quamo
Toby Winlove
Fast Paced Boxmaker

4 Autogen Avenue
Lord Jeremy Randerson
Actor, Designer and Lord
of Auckland
3rd House Ailehti Road Reserve
Jackie, Brett, Jack and Bella Stansfield
of Aoteoroa
39 Ithelia Road
Jonathan and Louisa Rose
Both of Auckland.
39 Cosmesi Road
owned by owners who may have such names as James and Shona

38A Ithelia Road
Duke Joe Bleakly
of Wellington

38 Ithelia Road
Ms. Jackie O’Brien
Grafchitects President and Inaugural Graft Resident and devout culture skeptic
of G.A.G. (Graft Art Gallery)
38 Cosmesi Road
Mike Morris Option on vacant section at 38 Cosmesi

37 Ithelia Road
Angela Clist, Alan Gregg and Elliot Gregg

37 Cosmesi Road
Casio Sinclair
Media Manipulator
36 Ithelia Road
Trudy Pilbrow of Wanaka

36 Cosmesi Road
For Sale
enquire about this house
35 Ithelia Road
Antony and Deborah Wilson hairdressers and proprietors of Raven Haircutters (and residents Riley, Levi, Joshua and Daniel)

35 Cosmesi Road
Dr Hisham Abdulla

34A Ithelia Road
Gaylene Preston ONZM.
Film Maker
of Wellington
34 Ithelia Road
Gilli Suttton's cosy home
in Rachel and Guy Quartermain's garden
in Mount Eden
34 Cosmesi Road
Sir Murray Rich

33 Ithelia Road
Kirsten Matthew Director of Mabel Maguire. Auckland

32 Ithelia Road
(Flight deck views! House of the year 2020). Mr S. PARK

31 Ithelia Road
James MacFarlane
of Auckland

30A Ithelia Road
The GRAFT® Most stylish home of the year 2018 first prize winner
Tracy Porteous

30 Ithelia Road
Kevin Young

3 Quamo Avenue
Rick Pearson
3 Pertro Street
Alf Jamieson
& Rachelle Pedersen
both of Auckland
3 Perpig Street
Minnie Baragwanath
C.E.O. of the Be. Institute
of the world
3 Ithelia Road
Justine and Mike Reid?
Mother and Registered Nurse
of Auckland
3 Dorsu Street
Donna McCaughan
Laboratory Technician
of Hamilton
3 Chondro Crescent
Craig Miller
babaco Baron
of Auckland
3 Autogen Avenue
Beelah Bleakley & Raymond Wilson
Nurse and Barrister
of Featherston
2nd House Ailehti Road Reserve
Megan Sargent
Bagel Baroness
29 Ithelia Road
Asher Freeman
of Auckland
28 Ithelia Road
Roger & Rebecca Yeaxlee
of Papamoa

28 Cosmesi Road
Keith Lucas

27 Ithelia Road
(artist whose work I admire greatly)

27 Cosmesi Road
Keith Lucas

26a Ithelia Road
Joseph Frank Babich & Andre Joseph Babich
Company Director and Investment Banker
26 Ithelia Road
Sir Murray Rich

26 Cosmesi Road
For Sale
enquire about this house
25 Ithelia road
Pip & Aileen Cheshire
Architect & Counsellor
25 Cosmesi Road
Mike Morris

24 Ithelia Road
Jeremy and Ruth Bioletti
Various and Nefarious
of Auckland
24 Cosmesi Road
Omnigraphics the original large format digital printer in New Zealand

23 Ithelia Road
Karen Flinkenberg
Robot Tamer
23 Cosmesi Road
Helena and Stuart McMullin

of Wellington
22 Ithelia Road
Les Taylor
of Wellington
22 Cosmesi Road
Sarah Kember Humanitarian and Simon Kember Lawyer

both of Auckland
21 Ithelia Road
Alistair Woodward and Jennifer Weller Citizens
of Auckland

20A Ithelia Road
Ian Kingsford-Smith
of Australasia
2093a Aratenon Road
Jane and Antony Mathews
Conservation Architects
of Auckland
2093 Aratenon Road
Oscar Dowling
Musician and Barista
of Auckland
2091 Aratenon Road
For Sale
enquire about this house
2089 Aratenon Road
Lindley Naismith Architect

of Auckland
2087 Aratenon Road
Maureen Radford/Babich,
Anna Radford, Brody Radford, Don McLean, Kieran McLean, Rory McLean, Piet Radford and John Radford
Family members of Auckland
2085 Aratenon Road
Darcia Nicole Benson
of New Zealand
2083 Aratenon Road
Amara Jade Benson
Biological and psychological scientist
of New Zealand
2081 Aratenon Road

Anonymous Benefactor
of Auckland
2079 Aratenon Road
Warwick and Kitty Brown
Art appreciators with great taste
of Auckland
2077 Aratenon Road
Section owned by The Neokalashnikovs.
Rock Revolutionist Band.
of Auckland/USA. (needs mowing)
2075 Aratenon Road
Michael John Davis Director of Programme and Vanessa Joy Ceelen Director of Director of Programme.
of Bethels Beach

2073 Aratenon Road
Jan Wuis
Food Technologist
of Auckland
2072 Aratenon Road
Dr Megan Jack
My Personal
2070 Aratenon Road
Warren Pringle Lorraine Marson Jake Pringle

2068 Aratenon Road
Glenis Grieve
Retiring Architect
of R.I.B.A.
2066 Aratenon Road
Nathan Goldsworthy of Auckland

2064 Aratenon Road
Dave Wenden
Construction Manager
2062 Aratenon Road
Stacey Smith
of Auckland
2060 Aratenon Road
Vic Segedin and Amanda Levey
Artist and Arts Therapist
of Auckland
2058 Aratenon Road
Joseph Silva
Best - Worse Barman and Passionate Slacker
of Auckland
2056 Aratenon Road
Johannes Schmidt
Artisan Cabinetmaker and Future Primitive
of Cologne and Auckland
2054 Aratenon Road
Juliette Laird and Mo Anderson
Artist and Scientist (with a very small property portfolio).
of Auckland
2052 Aratenon Road
Dr Felicity Dominick, Sleep Starved House Officer
and Dr Otto Strauss, Southern 'Gan,
- both of Auckland
2050 Aratenon Road
Mig McMillan
(One of Drew's Sisters)
of Tauranga
2048 Aratenon Road
Bex Roberts
Creative Administrator
2046 Aratenon Road
Mary DeRuyter
of Auckland
2041A Aratenon Road
Olive Rose Bass Watson and George Eric Bass Watson
Brother and Sister
of Balmoral
2041 Aratenon Road
Rodger Howie
2039 Aratenon Road
Steve and Jeanette Thorne
Engineer and Physio/Teacher
of Auckland
2037A Aratenon Road
under settlement to Anya Whitlock
Trash Palace Princess
of Auckland
2037 Aratenon Road
Marco Creemers
Marathon Man
2035 Aratenon Road
Rupert and Elspet Mackenzie
TV Director and Primary School Teacher
of Auckland
2033 Aratenon Road
Adrian J. Ross
2032 Aratenon Road
Pete Bossley & Miriam van Wezel
Architect & Artist
both of Auckland
2031 Aratenon Road
Marion Sutcliffe, Adam Gregg and Lindsay Gregg
Posh cake eaters
of Auckland
2030 Aratenon Road
Gregor Kregar & Sara Hughes
Both Artists
2029 Aratenon Road
Nick Haysom and the Haysoms Piha
Managing Director
2028 Aratenon Road
Tim and Mailene Tubman
Lawyer and Counsellor
of Auckland
2027 Aratenon Road
Gavin and Dona White
of Auckland
2026 Aratenon Road.
R C Hallas and R J Gordon
Clinical Psychologist and Environmental Engineer
of Auckland
2025 Aratenon Road
John Courtney &Michelle Deery
General connoisseurs
of Auckland
2024 Aratenon Road
Alastair Burns
2023 Aratenon Road
Anna Bidwill
Art Connoisseur
of Auckland - Wairarapa
2022 Aratenon Road
Raysan Kubaisi and Brigid Gallagher
Heritage Consultants
of Waihi Beach
2021 Aratenon Road
Peter Hawkesby
of Auckland
2020 Aratenon Road
David Eversfield
of Auckland
2019 Aratenon Road
Fenn Gordon
of Australasia
2018 Aratenon Road
Michael and Sarah Caughey
Doctor and The Missus
of Auckland
2017 Aratenon Road
Sadie Donna Bleakley (gifted by his Grace Duke Bleakley)
20 month old (and rising) bundle of joy
of Wellington
2015 Aratenon Road
Charlie Bleakley
Physicist & Film Guru
2014 Aratenon Road
Lindy Chelsea and Oliver Roberts
of Auckland
2013 Aratenon Road
Amiria Paterson
of Auckland
2012 Aratenon Road
Dan Blanshard
Art Director
of Titirangi
2011 Aratenon Road
Abbie and Alan's bay villa.

2010 Aratenon Road
Kim Yates and Geoffery H. Short
Emergency Specialist andPhotographer
20 Ithelia Road
Kevin Young

20 Cosmesi Road
Mike Totter & Motorman and Jude Tooth Fairy

of Auckland
2 Quamo Ave
Kaye Marson
Psychiatric Nurse
of Christchurch
2 Pertro Street
Pip Duncalf
Mother of Four
2 Perpig Street
Juliette Laird and Mo Anderson
Artist and Scientist
of Auckland
2 Dorsu Street
Sir Ian Athfield
of Wellington
2 Chondro Crescent
For Sale
enquire about this house
2 below Quamo
Todd Winlove
Video/TV producer Director
of Auckland
2 Autogen Avenue
Chris Morley-Hall
of Auckland
1st House Ailehti Road Reserve
Angela Maynard
of Auckland
19 Cosmesi Road
For Sale
enquire about this house
18 Cosmesi Road
Paul and Gilli Kendrick

of Waiheke Island
17 Cosmesi Road
Superduke Andy Morris Morris Smith

16 Cosmesi Road
Chris Edmunds
Woodworker of Auckland Central

15 Cosmesi Road
under settlement to Franke-Su Tiger Ahkit

14 Cosmesi Road
Kim Jarrett & Tina Hart
Realizer & Designer
1216 Aratenon Road
Tane Williams and Emma Lyell Wizard and Wizess of Karangahape Road

12 Quamo Avenue
Jan Ramp
Graphic Designer
of Auckland
12 Autogen Avenue
Hamish Keith OBE and Ngila Dixon ONZM
Arts Consultant and Filmic Costume Designer
both of Auckland
11 Autogen Avenue
Fiona and Leigh Ashby
Invisible citizens
located somewhere in New Zealand
10 Quamo Ave
Michelle Lafferty
of Auckland
10 Autogen Avenue
Duke Andy Smith's horse paddock. Grazing available at reasonable rates. Contact number 8 Autogen Avenue for enquiries.
Morris dancing held in back three quarters of paddock on Thursdays. Please bring gumboots

1 Quamo Avenue
Marco Creemers

1 Pertro Street
Alex Swney
of Auckland
1 Perpig Street
Jerome and Janette Partington
of Tamaki

1 Ithelia Road
Donna, Petra and Nikolas Simunovich

of Kohimaramara Auckland
1 Dorsu Street
Doris de Pont and Tejo van Schie
Frocker and Dancing Man
of Auckland
1 Chondro Crescent
For Sale
enquire about this house
1 Autogen Avenue
Brett & Leah Garea,
Director & Employment Consultant,
of Auckland